Financier of Mugitoro Asakusa


Asakusa Financier Rin

I bought Rin, which is financier in Mugitoro, asakusa.

It is, blended with yam, good flavored financier. It’s high class taste.

The freshness date is long, about 2 months, so it is good as souvenir. The freshness date of one, that I bought on , was .

I bought plane taste this time, but there are roasted tea teste and wasabi kelp taste, which is real Japanese taste.

Mugitoro Asakusa

Mugitoro is a high class long-established store for tea-ceremony dishes at Asakusa, Tokyo. They lasts from 1929. It is before the world war II.

Not only various souvenir sweets. Mugitoro holds beer garden event.