Suehiroya Honten Karinto Manju

Karinto Manju

I ate Karinto Manju made by Suehiroya Honten. It is fried-buns containing strained adzki-beans paste with crispy dough of brown cane sugar.

Suehiroya Honten

Suehiroya Honten is Japanese sweets store, which has been running from 60 or more years before. It sells Japanese sweets based in Gifu prefecture, and specialized Japanese sweets that contains Western tastes.

Suehiroya Honten doesn’t use food additives, and its all sweets are handmade. And the number of sweets displayed at shop is small. If you want to buy many sweets, call to the shop in advance.

Address 380-6 Shimoshikke, Gifu-shi, Gifu prefecture, Japan
Tel +81-58-239-2512
FAX +81-58-234-5718
Regular Holiday Tuesday
Business Hour 8:00 – 19:00


Ride on the bus with number C35, C36 or C39 at bus terminal nearby JR Gifu Station, and get off the bus at Shimoshikke, 下尻毛(しもしっけ), bus stop. It will take about 25 minutes. If you don’t understand, ask person at bus terminal information center.

Walk to the opposite direction from the river, and turn right diagonally when you see the second traffic signal. Its intersection is Shimoshikke nishi, displayed as “下尻毛(しもしっけ)西(にし)“. Then you can see the shop on your right side!

It will take 2 or 3 minutes from the bus stop.

すっきりあま~い 2段チーズケーキ


2段チーズケーキ食べました! 上はさらっと、下はしっかり、あま~いチーズケーキでした。

正式名称はRare & Baked Cheesecake。 素材本来の風味が活きる低温殺菌牛乳とシチリア産レモンを使って作られたチーズケーキで、レアとベイクドの両方が楽しめます。